Niphargids on conferences and symposia

Information presented at symposia or conferences may be published with huge delays; some parts may never be published. Moreover, not all researchers can attend all events, and sometimes precious information might disperse and get lost in abstract books. This site attempts to provide a basic platform for research on niphargids as presented at scientific meetings as well as to disseminate freely available information on niphargids to researchers. We invite all researchers dealing with any aspect of niphargid biology to present their posters/talks at this web-site.

You may send your data to Cene Fišer as an e-mail attachment or via Contact form. Please include the following information: the name of the meeting, the time and place where the meeting was held, the title of poster/presentation, the names of authors, poster/presentation converted into PDF and information about the abstract book for citation purposes. Anyone using information from posters/presentations presented on this site is kindly requested to cite the original work and provide a link to the resource on this website.


Fišer C., Bogdan A., Gal M., Horvat M., Keber R., Kereži V., Kovačec Ž., Luštrik R., Moškrič A., Novak S. Ogorevc E., Palandačić A., Petkovska V., Pustovrh M., Sečen T., Slana D., Škrget M., Turjak M., Potočnik H., Sket B. 2008. Teaching speleobiology for understanding biology: an ecology case study (interaction of surface and subterranean) amphipods in springs. Abstracts of the 19th International Symposium of Subterranean Biology, Fremantle, Western Australia, 22-25.